The Cogitus Program

Higher Order thinking (think all previous higher)

How Cogitus Develops Higher Order Thinking

We help children to adopt a problem-based learning approach, which helps develop various skills leading to higher order thinking

Problem based learning approach Skills attained
Children are given multiple unfamiliar situations, (preferably with real life context) for which they have not learnt the answers in various formats like ambiguity, puzzles, problems, challenges, dilemmas, obstacles, uncertainties, questions, confusions Children develop multidimensional skills while solving these situations/ tasks; like creative and critical thinking, complex analysis, decision making, problem solving evaluation, logical reasoning, numeric, visual and spatial intelligence, reflective thinking

Our Modules

Our annual program consists of 4 engaging modules.

Cogitus Mathologic

A solid base in Maths, logic and reasoning is what creates the platform for success in any walk of life. This module hones decision making and problem solving skills in a child, through games and play, spatial puzzles, placement mats, abstract questioning and much more. Our unique and fun approach to this module keeps kids engaged and carves a path to hone them into becoming maths and logic wizards.

Through our logical reasoning module we hone:

  • The inductive and deductive skills in kids to reason effectively
  • The problem solving approach, which enables children to
    • Successfully analyze and evaluate evidence, arguments, claims and beliefs
    • Make judgments & decisions to solve problems in complex situations
    • Synthesize and make connections between information and arguments
    • Solve different non-familiar problems using both conventional and innovative ways
Placement Logic Word Puzzles Olympiads Critical Thinking Visual Perception Mathematical Concepts
Cogitus Explore

With the world moving towards inter-planetary travel the exploration skills of the child are a must to be honed. Our collaborative and interactive sessions encourage curiosity in children and immerse them in understanding the similarities & differences in the world around us - across continents, countries and cultures. They learn the geographical skills of mapping and navigation, fall in love with the Atlas and cultures while debating about the current affairs and the effect on people from around the world.

This dynamic module, engages kids into knowing our world through stories, puts them into shoes of explorers and keeps changing annually to give them a perspective through different situations.

Navigation Skills Mapping Skills Knowledge Embedment Collaboration and Communication Role Play
Cogitus STEAM

STEAM is an innovative and contemporary curriculum based on the idea of educating students in five specific disciplines of science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics in an interdisciplinary and applied approach. Rather than treating the five disciplines as separate and discrete subjects, STEAM integrates them into a cohesive learning paradigm based on real-world applications. It not only helps develop technical skills but also curiosity. Creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication all form an integral aspect of STEAM education

Experiments In-depth understanding of everyday concepts Hands on activities Problem Solving Data Driven Decision Making Intellectual Curiosity
Cogitus Design Thinking

The highest order of thinking is developed when a child is equipped to give shape to ideas in his mind. The knowledge gained is of little value if we are unable to apply it practically to real life situations. Through this module kids develop adequate life skills and get equipped to deal with complex life and work environments. Creativity is much more than art. They imagine, create, build, create solutions, working in teams and simultaneously enhances their creativity, presence of mind and presentation skills.

This module enhances the child’s imagination. Exposure to design thinking enhances their problem solving skills and creative thinking. It promotes out of the box thinking, enabling them to create new products, advertisements, architectural designs, plans, visualizing creative and new use cases of everyday things. The module is carried out in the way that enhances both the convergent and divergent thinking of a child.

Innovation tools Design Thinking Architecture Creative Problem Solving Product Development Visualisation

Program Details

Level Age Group
Kindle Junior 4-5 Years
Kindle Senior 5-6 Years
Ignite 6-8 Years
Blaze 8-10 Years
Illuminate 10 Years and Above