About Us

  • Cogitus is a higher order thinking after-school program, which focuses on building the vital skills of creative, cognitive and critical thinking in children from 4-14 years. Our modules shift the learning focus from prescription and testing, to innovative thinking, reasoning and problem solving.

Changing Lives

  • Very good platform to engage children to various types of learning. Certainly refreshing to what children normally go through at school. Appreciate the curated content and teacher to student ratio. My kid complains why can’t he attend Cogitus daily!

    Prem Chand Chintalpudi

    Father of Vizwal, Pune
  • Cogitus is a very nice course for kids. My son is really enjoying Cogitus n have learned a lot there. He knows so much about planets and continents now, his math has also improved, he is enjoying doing different experiments there. All thanks to Cogitus team¡

    Neha Agarwal

    Mother of Divam, Surat
  • One class Mira looks forward to going and is all happy about. Creative ways to learn and to gain knowledge is what you are offering and that is what excites her.

    Seema Rathi

    Mother of Mira, Surat
  • All I wat to say is that Cogitus is a wonderful interactive learning experience for a child. It increases the problem solving ability, creativity and logical thinking of the child. I highly recommend it.

    Dr Ekta Wadhwani

    Mother of Akshita, Satna
  • I am writing with immense pleasure that team Cogitus Dubai has mentored my daughter brilliantly! She has really improved her skill in Maths and has become extremely good at kenken and sudoku. The other brilliant thing she has developed is Critical & Creative thinking, which has changed her perception & provided experience in many fields other than just Maths! A big thank you to Cogitus for enhancing her thinking & I highly recommend it for all kids who are seeking to expand their thinking in all fields possible!

    Chitra Daryani

    Mother of Niska, Dubai

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