About Us

  • Cogitus is a higher order thinking after-school program, which focuses on building the vital skills of creative, cognitive and critical thinking in children from 4-14 years. Our modules shift the learning focus from prescription and testing, to innovative thinking, reasoning and problem solving.

Changing Lives

  • We appreciate your endeavours and keen genuine interest in children to enhance their skills. Most important is no matter how exhausted Shaayan is on fridays- he is always looking forward to be in your class every Friday! Keep up the good work!

    Bhawna Sahu

    Mother of Shaayan, Ranchi
  • Cogitus has created comprehensive modules, which is bound to spark the imagination & creative abilities of children and at the same time nurture competitive spirit and teach the value of synergy! It is bound to leave a lasting impression on young minds!


    Leading educationist, Surat
  • We're happy the way you have developed curiosity in Anahera about knowing new places and now I hope she’ll give us knowledge when we travel abroad. Thank you for that :)

    Bhawna Jaiswal

    Mother of Anahera, Ranchi
  • I am so happy to see the approach Cogitus has to teach a very important life skill to kids, that is to think right! Their lessons are engaging and so fun that my 5 years old does not get distracted and has become a keen learner. I can already see him thinking more even while doing day to day tasks, which is great.

    Ridhima Bansal

    Mother of Vihaan, Gurgaon
  • I am writing with immense pleasure that team Cogitus Dubai has mentored my daughter brilliantly! She has really improved her skill in Maths and has become extremely good at kenken and sudoku. The other brilliant thing she has developed is Critical & Creative thinking, which has changed her perception & provided experience in many fields other than just Maths! A big thank you to Cogitus for enhancing her thinking & I highly recommend it for all kids who are seeking to expand their thinking in all fields possible!

    Chitra Daryani

    Mother of Niska, Dubai

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